jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

San José de Maipo

The place is the civic square of  Jose de Maipo, a village on the outskirts of Santiago, with lush vegetation, This photo was taken by me, in the winter of this year. This  plays  just opened a month ago and really lovely,.that 
This place is important to city, it is the meeting place for community of san jose de Maipo, everything happens here, there are some pub for the night, here much children play with their parents and grandfather in the evenings
this place is important because here my parents, uncles and grandparents still live, and part of his childhood is in this place, is a litletown and here are the best attractions in the zone.
Others give reasons is that here I play and I had several friends that enjoy a lot and do much mischief, but I went to Santiago and contact was lost and not see them again, they were good times.

sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013

economic thinkers summit

Central bank of Chile

the main topic is the central bank set the interest rate, an example of its function is, when a person borrows some money, paying returns extra money to get that money if the interest rate increases, which increases a person pays when you borrow money.

the importance of the central bank is part of the public administration, and defines economic policies, regulates the country's economic life and I would like to work in the future there.

in my work I will have to keep in mind the country's economic performance to implement public policemen

there are many macroeconomic problems today, banks abuse the interest rate, the exchange rate is volatile and influences imports and exports, all due to globalization.
in Chile there are many abuses unrealistic interest is charged, are too high and all this should be regulated.

the central bank is a major economic institutions of the country and would be proud to work there.

martes, 30 de abril de 2013


the person I admire is my mother, she is a incleible, always worried about me and my studies, I love her, my mother is the most important for me. she works and breast at a time, is very sympathetic and suddenly gets angry with us, but our bn, I am what I am thanks to the hard work of my mother, I think there's another one like her.

my mother is a human resources manager in santa isabel, takes bn with workers and know his job in good shape, she is successful in her work and I admire her for that, I would like to have that ability to relate to people , is incredible.

I know one day I will help my mother and reward all the effort that she does for me and my sisters

jueves, 18 de abril de 2013

My  favorite  group is Manà  and wisin y yandel, they are very good, their music is very popular in Chile.
 Mana is most romantic and wisin y yandel is most entertainers.
Mana is very mysterious , The band's sound is based on pop rock and pop Latino, I don’t  know most of them, the lyrics of his songs is very important , their meaning is very interesting for my, also have win numerous awards internationality.

Wisin y yandel is group the  reggaeton music duo originally from Puerto Rico and population into of de youngs, many sing her songs, my like their song because are good for dancing.

My song favorite is “amor clandestine” of Mana  and “hay algo que me gusta de ti” of wisin y yandel , are songs very populations, interesting and entertainers .

jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

Hello, my name is Rodrigo and surname is Morales . you can call me Roro out of affection, I live in Peñalolen, I was born on 25 of June 1991 in Santiago , I study public administration in the University of Chile, my family has five members, father, Mather and two sisters.
 My first school was san José obrero and then study in the lice Augusto D Hal mar in Nuñoa, in the school played football for the selection of Peñalolen, were beautiful years, but I wish to be a great player football.
my hobby was playing cards and watching anime for example dragon ball z , slam dunk  and  super champions
I love my career that I can help the people of my country