jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

San José de Maipo

The place is the civic square of  Jose de Maipo, a village on the outskirts of Santiago, with lush vegetation, This photo was taken by me, in the winter of this year. This  plays  just opened a month ago and really lovely,.that 
This place is important to city, it is the meeting place for community of san jose de Maipo, everything happens here, there are some pub for the night, here much children play with their parents and grandfather in the evenings
this place is important because here my parents, uncles and grandparents still live, and part of his childhood is in this place, is a litletown and here are the best attractions in the zone.
Others give reasons is that here I play and I had several friends that enjoy a lot and do much mischief, but I went to Santiago and contact was lost and not see them again, they were good times.

3 comentarios:

  1. Hi Rodrigo! I read you blog, and your reasons for that this photo is your favorite. I think that the photo is really beautiful. I know this place and is so much pleasant, very nice. congratuleitions for you photo :)

  2. hello rodrigo.
    how often you have visited san jose de maipo? and how long are san jose de maipo the city.

  3. Rodrigo, San José de Maipo should be a great location, I don't know but I hop go someday. This is a nice photo and typical photo of the all cities.