sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013

economic thinkers summit

Central bank of Chile

the main topic is the central bank set the interest rate, an example of its function is, when a person borrows some money, paying returns extra money to get that money if the interest rate increases, which increases a person pays when you borrow money.

the importance of the central bank is part of the public administration, and defines economic policies, regulates the country's economic life and I would like to work in the future there.

in my work I will have to keep in mind the country's economic performance to implement public policemen

there are many macroeconomic problems today, banks abuse the interest rate, the exchange rate is volatile and influences imports and exports, all due to globalization.
in Chile there are many abuses unrealistic interest is charged, are too high and all this should be regulated.

the central bank is a major economic institutions of the country and would be proud to work there.

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