jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

Hello, my name is Rodrigo and surname is Morales . you can call me Roro out of affection, I live in Peñalolen, I was born on 25 of June 1991 in Santiago , I study public administration in the University of Chile, my family has five members, father, Mather and two sisters.
 My first school was san José obrero and then study in the lice Augusto D Hal mar in Nuñoa, in the school played football for the selection of Peñalolen, were beautiful years, but I wish to be a great player football.
my hobby was playing cards and watching anime for example dragon ball z , slam dunk  and  super champions
I love my career that I can help the people of my country

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  1. Hello. Rodrigo a I like you hobbies and I played for the selection of my commune as a child all well I watching anime, for example dragon ball, z and gt and the new movie of series.
    Good bye.