jueves, 18 de abril de 2013

My  favorite  group is Manà  and wisin y yandel, they are very good, their music is very popular in Chile.
 Mana is most romantic and wisin y yandel is most entertainers.
Mana is very mysterious , The band's sound is based on pop rock and pop Latino, I don’t  know most of them, the lyrics of his songs is very important , their meaning is very interesting for my, also have win numerous awards internationality.

Wisin y yandel is group the  reggaeton music duo originally from Puerto Rico and population into of de youngs, many sing her songs, my like their song because are good for dancing.

My song favorite is “amor clandestine” of Mana  and “hay algo que me gusta de ti” of wisin y yandel , are songs very populations, interesting and entertainers .

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  1. i have any quesion fot you. how do you call the menbers of Mana? and where do you from band?.
    i agree mana only a litlle but in the case of wisin and yandel i dislike.